Hospitality – innovations

Main Benefits :

  • 5-10% lower costs of food

  • 20% decrease of food waste

  • 85% reduction of kitchen administration

  • higher monitoring standards

  • daily cost tracing

Return of investment in first year

Smart Scales - Intelligent food management solution that reduces waste and saves your money

Problems with waste and cost in kitchens

  • Inability to control the daily food consumption and its cost
  • Too much food is wasted
  • No real-time stock management in kitchen
  • How to calculate the cost of each meal (buffet, breakfast, lunch, dinner)?

How do the Smart Scales work?

  • We digitize your list of food material (raw food, menu, meals) with purchasing prices
  • Everything is barcoded and assigned, including cooking and service dishes
  • Each material used in food preparation is weighed and recorded by kitchen staff
  • Precise information on who, when, what and how much – for complete overview of meal production
  • F&B managers and Chefs can monitor the actual consumption and cost for any meal in real-time
  • We use special and robust kitchen scales with touch screens
  • Standard measuring scales are provided by Mettler Toledo
  • system can be integrated to Exchange data with your existing material management system


  • Getting information for future planning based on number of guests
  • Getting prediction on the necessary raw materials for food production

SmartScales Features



  • integration with Opera / Micros Fidelio
  • increase employee efficiency and save time
  • simple breakdown report (photo, text, pencil)
  • minibar posting and increased billing efficiency
  • supplier control
  • better employee communication and greater satisfaction
  • ability to evaluate employees based on the obtained data
  • better control and level of security in hotels
  • possibility of planning
  • wellness, roomservice
  • better quality of service


Mobile HACCP / IFS – a mobile application for quality control in kitchens in accordance with HACCP standards.

Enter your existing HACCP / IFS plan into  mobile application – mHACCP

  • a simple mobile application in which you enter your existing HACCP plan
  • all the necessary reports in one place (printing, reviewing)
  • reliability and accuracy of data in one place (centralized control)
  • paper elimination, registrar (lower costs)
  • significantly accelerating and meeting the HACCP standards in operational work
  • Hotels, Food production, Logistics, Warehousing, Industry, Retail, Restaurants

mRating - interactive surveys for hotel guests

  • Learn what the guests think about your service and analyse their comments
  • Face recognition technology

mDining- tablet application for registering guests at hotel restaurants

  • integration with Opera / Micros Fidelio
  • from the reception data system recognizes guests by service types and allows control of the realization of the service
  • directly informing users on the options and services the guest is entitled to
  • the possibility of registering guests who pay a particular meal (eg, guest bed and breakfast pay dinner) with their signature on the tablet screen – automatically posting to PMS